Divorce Realtors

Simply put, a divorce realtor helps people going through a divorce find another home. With The Real Estate Divorce Pros, we give you an entire team to help you cope with all real estate issues related to a divorce.

 We’ve been there. We understand how overwhelming it can be when a relationship ends. At the same time, it’s a new chapter. Buying or selling a home can be overwhelming by itself. When you’re dealing with a divorce, dealing with any real estate transaction becomes a daunting task.

 At Real Estate Divorce Pros, we make buying or selling a home simple. We take care of gathering all the information and hold your hand through the entire process. Our team includes

A Real Estate Broker

Many people aren’t clear that a real estate broker is a high level real estate agent who can negotiate buying or selling real estate. A broker is authorized to hire and supervise real estate agents to work under the broker’s supervision.

 Real estate brokers are licensed at the highest levels in Georgia. Brokers set the standards of practice in real estate and help maintain the highest level of compliance with all state rules and regulations around real estate transactions

A Real Estate Agent

Your real estate agent is your primary contact and guides you through the entire process of buying or selling a house. Naturally, it depends upon which side of the real estate transaction you’re on, but our agents help you go through a well-tested checklist to prepare to sell your house. While all the steps to get ready to sell can seem like too much, our agents walk you through a step by step process and make it as simple as possible.

 When it comes to buying a house, our real estate agent listens carefully to your wants and needs so we can filter out any houses on the market that don’t meet your criteria. Your time is precious, so we won’t take you on a tour of homes that don’t fit your standards. We get down to the details and do it quickly to find the right place for you.

A Mortgage Broker

No real estate transaction can occur without proper financing. We have a mortgage broker on our team that has been helping homeowners since 2003. With more than 1000 loans secured our mortgage broker has the experience to help simplify the process of buying or selling a home.

 Let the team at The Real Estate Divorce Pros help you find the place where you belong. Call us today and let’s get started.


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