We Help Put Yourself & Your Home Back On The Market

Life can throw you some real curveballs occasionally. When you find yourself in a state of transition, let us help you with make the change. For years now, we’ve been working with homeowners to sell their homes at the right time for the right price. Call us and let’s get started today.

Sell Your Home

When it comes to selling your home, there can be a million questions in your mind. With everything else that might be going on, there may just not be any room for another stressor. That’s why The Real Estate Divorce Pros make selling your home simple.

 We have the experience you need to organize all the chaos involved in selling your house and help guide you through the necessary steps. Our time-tested process to help prepare you home for selling it. Here’s an example of all the things we’ll cover:

  • Getting your home cleaned properly
  • Setting appropriate timelines for selling your home
  • Whether or not to get your home inspected
  • Accurately evaluating your home’s worth
  • Picking the right time to put your home on the market
  • Staging your home
  • Effectively marketing your home
  • Showing your home to potential buyers
  • Managing bids
  • Navigating financing
  • Helping you negotiate a proper price
  • Closing the deal

 Let our team of real estate professionals help you put all the pieces together for the next chapter of your life.

Financing Your New Home

Buying a new home can be thrilling, but wading through all the paperwork to get there is, well, just not. Plus, when you’re in the middle of a divorce, the additional expenses can be overwhelming. We have a mortgage broker on our team that will take you through all the individual steps to help you secure proper financing. We have a great track record of helping our customers get outstanding rates. With over a 1000 loans secured, we have the right experience to get you into a new home.

In Atlanta’s real estate market, it’s important to move quickly to find the right home. The Real Estate Divorce Pros are ready to help you move into the next chapter of your life. Call us and let’s get started today.


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